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Building a surf culture & community rooted in joy, inclusion, & self-empowerment.

Cultivating Ocean Connection

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a surf culture rooted in collective power, equity, love, and reverence for the Earth. We do this by deepening community well-being, amplifying a narrative of abundance, increasing access to the ocean, and centering the intuitive knowledge of girls, women, and gender expansive people of color.

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salted roots is an ode to many things. “Salted’’ relates to the salt water of the ocean, which feels different for each and every one of us, yet draws us all in. “Roots” grounds us in our heritage, our ancestors, our present connections, the Earth, and our community. It’s the sticky salty ocean left in the roots of our hair, it’s the intuitive knowing of our spirits, and salted roots will continue to be what each of you decide to make of it, in your joyous, true, loving, powerful, creative ways!


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