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land acknowledgment

In our ongoing efforts towards decolonization salted roots acknowledges that we are occupying unceded and stolen Ohlone lands. These lands and waters we work and play in are, and have always been, that of Indigenous peoples. And so, we pay our respect to our Indigenous elders – past, present, and future – and hope to help heal colonial traumas and create a path for joy.

Please take a moment within yourself to imagine a world in which we truly uplift, respect, and love our Indigenous families, community members, and neighbors. Imagine the sights, smells, sounds – perhaps imagine the laughter, the care, the joy.

Once you’ve imagined, we invite you to reflect on the fact that this land acknowledgment is merely the first step in our decolonization path and that we shall turn acknowledgement into action.

Please listen to and respect Indigenous voices by learning more from local community organizations, like Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.