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community surf days

we are now offering Community Surf Days! 

As part of our practice in listening to the Earth and aligning ourselves with natural cycles, we have transformed our surf program offerings to reflect the ocean’s seasons.

Community Surf days are mostly unfacilitated meetups – great for connecting with fellow Black, Indigenous, and Wave Riders of Color on the beach. This is not a lesson, but instead a space for those already independent and comfortable in the water.  

*salted roots Community Surf Meetups are intended to center women, girls, and gender-expansive surfers of color. 
group on beach with sign

Save the Dates!

Saturday, Oct. 28th

Saturday, Nov. 4th

Program Details

  • All programs will be free, with an option to donate to salted roots
  • There will be no facilitated lesson portion during meetups
  • Those planning on getting in the ocean must be independent in the water or come with folks willing to support each other.
  • salted roots will not be lending out gear of any kind for these programs.
  • A reminder that this space is for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, girls, women, and gender-expansive folks of color. At this time we are not able to hold space for those whose lived identities lay outside of this community.
  • All ages welcome (we kindly ask that any youth under 13 years of age be accompanied by someone who is 18+)
  • Meetup locations will vary based on conditions


As the weater turns colder, days shorten, and waves ecome larger, it becomes less aligned for salted roots to hold continual Soul Surfer programs. Thus, we are introducing Community Surf Days that will offer the space to enjoy and build upon the surf skills and community we cultivated in Spring and Summer.

These group meetup days are meant to be a larger, more casual space for connection, ocean play, and togetherness. Come hang on the beach with us or get in the water – you decide how much you want to submerge!

A note about the unpredictability of the ocean:

At salted roots we always put safety first. Our surf programs are subject to change due to weather and air quality. While we use all the means at our disposal to predict conditions ahead of time, sometimes conditions on site the day of an event do not align with the forecast.